Many of you folks familiar with the Hengyun Menye Wedding Review come to our blog site to learn about the bliss that young couples achieve when they become newlyweds. There is no greater experience in life than that which these newlyweds experience for the first time.

The path to ecstasy, however, came to be littered with thorns for one young couple, James and Marla, and their blessed wedding plans were on a straight-line track to disaster! Much to their advantage, they had a smart phone and Googled their way out of the issue when they discovered: https://www.wichitajunkremoval.net

 James and Marla Wanted to Get Married
Outdoors in a Rustic Environment

They sought to be married on the sprawling 40 acres of land in Wichita that had been left to James in his parents will.

Wichita is a bit of jaunt away from Denver, so they had never actually visited the site in person. Rather, they had Googled it and looked at the satellite imagery and imagined what it would be like to build their dream house on the property.

Oh yes, they had spoken with the townsfolk like the property tax assessor and had made sure their property was properly registered with rightful ownership. It was really a spectacular plot of land that appeared perfect to conduct a wedding ceremony upon.

But Look What Happened!

 When James and Marla got to Wichita and used their GPS to find their dream property, they became distraught to discover that people had been using their land as a dumping ground for trash and garbage, things they couldn’t actually discern from viewing satellite imagery on Google.

Their dream land was a garbage heap and totally unsuitable to conduct their wedding ceremony upon.

The unflappable Marla quickly came to bear on resolving the problem by using her smart phone to Google and find https://www.wichitajunkremoval.net which ultimately became the key to saving the day!

A Mystery Man of Genius

 Aubrey Collins is the master of all junk removal in Wichita. One phone call from Marla was all he needed to travel out to the property and immediately jump into action picking up all the refuge and filling up his truck, load-by-load until the land was restored to it’s previously, pristine condition.

In less than a week, those forty acres were spanking clean and looking just the way nature would have wanted them to look.

Marla was able to bring her family in from out-of-town, put them up in the nearby motel, hire the local preacher, a band and a caterer and put together a very respectable wedding service on the rejuvenated landscape and they owed it all to Aubrey Collins at https://www.wichitajunkremoval.net  who really got the place cleaned up and made it all possible.

They Are One Now

We here at the Hengyun Menye Wedding Review are very pleased to report that since our original post, James and Marla have indeed tied the knot and Marla has become pregnant with twin girls and is expecting towards the end of the year.

They have broken ground on a new and spectacular rustic style home to be build on their land that was so well cleansed by https://www.wichitajunkremoval.net  such that they want everybody else in Wichita to take notice that should they ever have a junk issue, https://www.wichitajunkremoval.net is the only place they need to know to get their problem solved.